It's getting hot in here - introducing our infrared sauna!

infrared sauna

You can say opposites attract, or even that in combination they help to promote balance, think yin and yang. LondonCryo, known for our cryotherapy treatments, the use of low temperatures in medical and cosmetic therapy, is now adding fire to our ice.

In addition to our traditional Whole Body Cryotherapy and other localised cryo (cold) treatments, we are now offering infrared saunas (at our Belgravia location). Similar to cryotherapy, the source is dry rather than wet allowing for more extreme temperatures and greater results. Sessions last from 25 minutes up to a 45 minute session.

Unlike a traditional sauna, with its hot, wet air, an infrared sauna’s heat is dry and direct, so that the temperature is comfortably lower both in actuality as well as perception. Just imagine the difference between hot and dry and hot and humid.

The benefits of this heat therapy is what’s known as hyperthermic conditioning, which is triggered when body temperature is increased over a short period of time.

Benefits include: detoxification, improved blood circulation, skin purification, a boost to the immune system, improved cardio health, joint and muscle pain reduction and stress reduction.

Infrared saunas are especially beneficial for everyone, and in specific to athletes who will notice:

•  Increased endurance - due to increased blood flow

•  Muscle growth - the release of “heat shock proteins” attack free radicals and promote cellular repair

•  Muscle recovery - by releasing muscle tension and reducing pain and inflammation

•  Mental relaxation - thanks to stress relief

Infrared sauna sessions work best when added to your cryotherapy regime. It’s important to note, that the sequence with the two matters. Always use the infrared sauna prior to the whole body cryotherapy.

Infrared heat triggers vasodilation and detoxification, the cryotherapy then vasoconstricts tissue and blood vessels, reducing both inflammation and pain.