August Newsletter from LondonCryo

august newsletter

In this edition you'll find information on how we can help with sports recovery, details on our amazing new massage tool, news regarding our soon-to-open new clinic in Belgravia and a special offer from our friends at the Health Optimisation Summit.

We hope you're having a fab summer, see you all soon!

Spotlight on Sports Recovery

Have you been training harder since the warm weather arrived? At LondonCryo we are here to ensure your body is kept in peak-performance.

Whole Body Cryotherapy: At LondonCryo we provide 3 minutes at -130c for peak performance and recovery. Cryotherapy tricks the body into “fight or flight mode”, this triggers the release of epinephrine, endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins.

Through cryotherapy sports performance is enhanced by increased energy and the natural endorphin “high”, along with reduced perception of symptomatic pain. Muscle and tissue repair is enhanced by reduced inflammation from highly enriched, oxygenated blood, improved blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification.

Recovery from injury occurs more quickly in the anti-inflammatory and enhanced-blood-flow environment and Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS) is significantly reduced.

Normatec Compression: Normatec™ is the leader in rapid recovery and has created a system that aims to speed up the body’s natural recovery process. The system provides a dynamic compression in a patented pattern to the lower limbs, aiming to mobilise fluid and toxins that have accumulated in the muscles and joints.

This allows for increased venous return and improved blood flow and oxygenation, this is extremely important when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation.

If you're looking to recover like a pro, get in touch and find out how we can help!

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Lymphatic Drainage Tool

We have created a brand new lymphatic drainage massage tool to enable our clients to experience the results of this unique massage from the comfort of their homes!

Our 100% pine wood tool is perfect for using between sessions. It facilitates DIY massage and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the legs, arms and back by aiding the lymphatic system in the release of excess fluids and toxins. The tool costs £50 plus £3 postage and collection from our clinic is also available.

If you want to find out more, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Our new location

We are so excited to be launching our new location in Eccleston Yards, Belgravia on 1st September!

Eccleston Yards is a bold, urban community that merges heritage with new-world innovation, commerce and well-being. This independent, creative hub is dedicated to promoting wellness and as such we are adding some new services to our clinic.

One of these new offers is an amazing Clearlight infrared sauna which is perfect for alleviating stress, boosting your immune system. clearing your skin, relieving pain and more. More new additions will be released soon so stay tuned!

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Partner Offer: £100 off Health Optimisation Summit tickets

14-15 September, Olympia London

Next month we are heading to The Health Optimisation Summit and would love to see you there. The Summit is a new health industry-changing event that will give you the tools and knowledge to optimise your mind, body and environment. Imagine what you could do if you improved your energy and mental clarity, boosted your gut health, and optimised your sleep significantly...

While being surrounded with an incredible community of like-minded new friends, you’ll push your current limits in thought-provoking keynotes with global leaders, 50 highly curated exhibitors, and breathwork and movement workshops...and more.

Get £100 off tickets with code LDNCRYO.

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