Sports Recovery

At LondonCryo we offer whole body cryotherapy for sports recovery, providing 3 minutes at -130c for peak performance and recovery. We also offer Normatec, the leader in rapid recovery, providing dynamic compression in a patented pattern to the lower limbs, aiming to mobilise fluid and toxins.


Pain Relief & Wellness

At LondonCryo we are able to provide pain relief in 3 minutes with no pills or potions. Cryotherapy effectively reduces local and systemic inflammation, a major source of pain and chronic health problems. The treatment is effective for various ailments.


Cryo>S 3.0 Beauty

A revolutionary alternative to liposuction, Cryo>S 3.0 is a safe, non-invasive treatment, with visible results after just one session. We offer services for slimming, toning and facials.


X°Cryo – Local Cryo

We offer the new X°CryoTM by Cryotech Nordic (CTN), a localised cryotherapy device that uses cold and heat extraction, providing numerous benefits. Almost any part of the body can be treated with localised cryotherapy and the treatment is beneficial for both medical and beauty purposes.


Lymphatic Drainage

We offer lymphatic drainage, a therapeutic massage treatment that uses very light pressure to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body. Lymphatic drainage can also be used alongside cryotherapy to improve the Cryo slimming treatment and provide faster results.


IV Drips & Vitamin Shots

At LondonCryo we offer IV drip therapy, a powerful mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants delivered directly into your bloodstream. We also provide vitamin shots which allow specific vitamins to be injected directly into the body for fast absorption and a quick health hit.


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