We now offer the Body Ballancer® Lymphatic Drainage massage at our Belgravia clinic, bringing this amazing treatment to central London.


What is it?

The Body Ballancer® is a versatile, relaxing yet revitalising compression therapy system, developed by the world’s leading manufacturer of medical pressotherapy devices.

Using the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage massage, it offers a highly effective answer to a number of aesthetic concerns including cellulite, water retention and skin tone.

Each session is 45 minutes and costs £90.

There are three options to choose from: Lymphatic 45, Volume Reduction 45 and Sports High Intensity 45.

What does it do?

Regular use of the Body Ballancer® will promote a healthy lymphatic system, essential in the elimination of the body’s waste and toxins.

A course of Body Ballancer® massages will reduce the appearance of cellulite, slimming, firming, toning and smoothing the skin and reducing volume in the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks and legs, that are often affected by fluid retention. The Body Ballancer® also boosts circulation, increasing the supply of nutrient rich, oxygenated blood to the muscles, making it an ideal training partner to be used both pre- and post-exercise.

The gentle rhythmic action of the Body Ballancer® also promotes deep relaxation, helps alleviate symptoms of  stress and improves sleep quality.


Lymphatic 45

A lymphatic drainage massage that rids your body of waste/toxins through your lymph nodes. Highly recommended 48-72 hours after one of our CryoSlimming treatments.


Volume Reduction 45

Eliminates water retention by removing excess fluid-reducing any uncomfortable swelling and puffiness. Recommended after one of our CryoToning treatments.


Sports High Intensity 45

A high pressure compression algorithm that works its way up from the toes to the torso. Recommended for the treatment of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and excellent before of after Whole Body Cryo.

We also offer our standard lymphatic drainage massages in our City location, find out more on our massage page.


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