At LondonCryo we provide whole body cryotherapy for sports recovery.



At LondonCryo we provide 3 minutes at -130c for peak performance and recovery. The benefits of cryotherapy are triggered when temperatures reach -110c or colder.

Cryotherapy tricks the body into “fight or flight mode”,  this triggers the release of epinephrine, endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins.

The body is not actually in hypothermia but the brain thinks that it is.

The processes leads to blood rushing to the core, this in turn leads to an increase in both metabolism and energy. 

How does cryotherapy work?

Through cryotherapy sports performance is enhanced by increased energy and the natural endorphin “high”, along with reduced perception of symptomatic pain.

Muscle and tissue repair is enhanced by reduced inflammation from highly enriched, oxygenated blood, improved blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification.

Recovery from injury occurs more quickly in the anti-inflammatory and enhanced-blood-flow environment and Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS) is significantly reduced.

Mental recovery is also accelerated due to energy increase and release of endorphins.


Normatec™ Compression

Normatec™ is the leader in rapid recovery and has created a system that aims to speed up the body’s natural recovery process.

The system provides a dynamic compression in a patented pattern to the lower limbs, aiming to mobilise fluid and toxins that have accumulated in the muscles and joints.

This allows for increased venous return and improved blood flow and oxygenation, this is extremely important when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation.  





Single Session: £90

10 Sessions: £499

20 Sessions: £949

50 Sessions: £2000

Other packages available, see our prices page.

Normatec compression

20 mins: £25

60 mins: £50


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