July Newsletter from LondonCryo


In this edition you'll find information on LondonCryo memberships, some exciting new products that we will soon be stocking, a recap on our fat freezing challenge and information on our new location.

LondonCryo Memberships


Summer is here and we are loving the warmer weather! Beach runs, rooftop cocktail bars and outdoor swimming, what could be better? Do you know what we think is better than the heat? Staying cool! That's why we offer special LondonCryo memberships to help keep you cool at all times.

We have a range of memberships available, all amazingly good value.

Silver membership - 1 Whole Body Cryotherapy session per week, whenever suits you: £199 per month.

Gold membership - Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy, whenever you want it, plus a bonus 20 minute Normatec compression therapy: £299 per month.

Saturday membership: 1 Whole Body Cryotherapy session every Saturday: £149 per month.

Couples membership: Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy for both of you, whenever you want it, plus a bonus 20 minute Normatec compression therapy each: £499 per month.

Weekend membership: 8 Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions per month at weekends: £165 per month.

Whether you're a professional athlete, gym lover or suffer from painful conditions our memberships can be a lifesaver. Cryotherapy works best when undertaken regularly so save yourself some cash and join our club!


We’re expanding and want your feedback

Next month we are opening our 2nd clinic! Located in Eccleston Yards in Belgravia LondonCryo will be at the heart of a new community of exciting shops, restaurants and wellness centres. We can't wait for you to visit us there and to experience our new services.

Before we open we'd love to know what you think of LondonCryo. Is there anything we could do better? Is there anything you'd like us to add to our treatment menu? Perhaps you've got some tips or thoughts on any of the services we offer?

Just send us an email, we love to speak to our clients.


New Products

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be stocking some amazing products that when combined with our treatments will leave you feeling your very best! At LondonCryo we only sell the best quality products which are proven to get results.

These include:

* Amazing Oils - the magnesium range for muscle and sports recovery which is amazing for muscle soreness, post-workout recovery and general aches.

* Golden Grind - a turmeric-based skincare range which naturally cures acne, scarring and eczema and the turmeric capsules which help with inflammation, aches, pains and more.

* CBD Care Garden - a moisturiser and cleanser which uses organic PhytoActiv rich hemp oil, perfect for treating fine lines, improving hydration and improving dull skin.

All our products will be available on our website soon, stay tuned!

fat freezing

Fat Freezing Challenge

CryoSkin FatFreezing Challenge!

Join the challenge : 2 months - 5 sessions - 4 inches ... are you up for it?

A revolutionary alternative to liposuction, CryoSkin is a safe, non-invasive treatment, with visible results after just one session. Quick and convenient treatments last between 20-30 minutes - if you’re looking to lose fat on your stomach, thighs, arms or back this is the solution for you.

What you have to do for the challenge:

- Call us to book your 5 CryoSlimming sessions or BOOK ONLINE NOW.

- You will benefit from our special price for the Fat Freezing Challenge : five Cryoskin CryoSlimming treatments for only £1,350! You save £150 off our 5 session package!

- We will take a photo of your body area before and after, as well as the measurements.


Professor Green talks us through his 3 minutes at -130c at LondonCryo

Niko Alergi from We are Equilibrium visits LondonCryo for some Whole Body Cryotherapy 3 minutes at -140c!