Lymphatic Drainage and CryoSkin plus our new products


While we at LondonCryo are, obviously, all about the cryo, we do believe in a holistic approach to total body health and wellness. We know there are a lot of other great complementary treatments which work fantastically in conjunction with your regular whole body cryotherapy regime.

One of our favourite new offerings is lymphatic drainage massage and CryoSkin, that's why we offer the treatments in our clinics and also why we are excited to offer our new exclusive lymphatic drainage board and dedicated cream to use in between your regular lymphatic drainage massage appointments!

By continuing to treat yourself to lymphatic drainage with the board at home, all the benefits of LondonCryo’s lymphatic drainage massage and/or CryoSkin slimming treatment will be maintained between your session.

So what is lymphatic drainage?

The lymphatic system is one of your body’s most important mechanisms; but most people know very little about it.

The lymphatic system is part of our body’s immune system and is essential in helping to protect us from infection and disease. Lymph fluid is clear and surrounds the tissues in the body, it travels through the lymphatic system, including the lymph nodes, on a one-way draining path, moving fluid and white blood cells (which fight infection) from the tissues into your blood stream. This is also how cellular waste is removed. A healthy and functioning lymphatic system is essential for optimal health. Poor functioning lymphatics usually present as swelling and bloating.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to help your lymph move more effectively around the system. Unlike traditional massage, there is no kneading, it’s a very gentle, relaxing massage using light pressure and long strokes encouraging the lymph to flow which will leave you feeling lighter and refreshed.

The benefits of this type of massage are numerous. In addition to the immunity aspect, you’ll look and feel less bloated as the excess fluid and toxins are gently encouraged out of the body. It has also been seen to have a great effect on reducing the appearance of cellulite. Your digestion and metabolic health will also benefit aiding in weight loss and body sculpting.

To really experience the full benefits of lymphatic drainage massage, we recommend combining it with our Cryoskin slimming treatment. Ideally the lymphatic drainage massage should be done three days after the Cryoskin slimming treatment for maximum effectiveness and quicker results.

The Cryoskin slimming process destroys fat cells, which are then transported to the liver; however they can get stuck in our connective tissue for up to 15 days. By having your lymphatic drainage massage following on in three days, the dead fat cells will be removed by the body much quicker resulting in a better looking, better feeling you.

At LondonCryo a single lymphatic drainage massage costs £155 and the CryoSkin and lymphatic drainage package costs just £350.

The tool

Our 100% pine wood lymphatic drainage tool is perfect for using between sessions. It facilitates DIY massage and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite in the legs, arms and back by aiding the lymphatic system in the release of excess fluids and toxins.

When you purchase the tool we will provide full instructions so you will know how to get the most out of it.

The tool costs £50 plus £3 postage, collection from our clinic is also available.

Order the tool now.

The new oil will be available soon.

Charlotte Bossick