Sara and Kristina from VitaClean on the benefits of Cryotherapy


Here at Vitaclean we love Cryotherapy.  Our schedule is so busy with the US market and Asia and it often means less sleep or irregular sleeping patterns.  Cryotherapy gives you a boost of energy and resets the mind.  It also is a great complement to exercise as it keeps you looking great and improves muscle tone! 


Sara: I am possibly the clumsiest person that any of my friends have ever encountered!  Cryotherapy has helped me get through large injuries such as breaking my clavicle skiing, as well as breaking my ankle, requiring surgery for both. Cryotherapy did wonders for the recovery time and swelling, and the LondonCryo team would give me a little mask so I could get really low in the chamber for the dreamy cool mist to hit all parts of my shoulder!  When you break a foot, ankle or leg the areas swell consistently as you walk or workout- cryo was amazing at taking the swelling down and allowing me to continue living my life.  I also have minor injuries sometimes too- two weeks ago I fell while skiing and twisted my knee, it wasn’t anything serious but cryotherapy sorted it right out!

I have a monthly membership at LondonCryo because when you freeze regularly, i.e. 3-4 times a week the results are amazing.  Cryo improves my circulation, sleep, metabolism and digestion and keeps the pounds away as you are burning an extra 3200 calories a week with 4 sessions!  I combine cryotherapy with workouts 4 or 5 times a week and the muscle recovery allows me to work out harder and get fitter more quickly. 

Kristina: I use cryotherapy for sleep purposes.  I am really active and sometimes can tire myself out - having a cryo boost resets my body and mind.  I love taking a spin class at 1Rebel or using the Peleton Bike at Soho House White City Gym, the steam room there is absolutely amazing.  I really believe in hot/ cold therapy so I combine cryotherapy with these work out sessions whenever I have time! 

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