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Cryotheraphy and Me

As a lady in her late fifties, I’m probably not the most obvious cryotherapy devotee, but I am and let me tell you why. At the age of forty I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RH), not the “old person illness”, but rather a chronic...

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Bio Hacking and Whole Body Cryotherapy

Hacking is everywhere, while mostly nefarious in nature, there is actually one form of hacking that’s good for you – “Biohacking.” According to Dave Asprey – aka “the Bulletproof Executive” and founder of Bulletproof Coffee –...

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LondonCryo covered in Sophic Society

Sophic Society made an interview with Maria Ensabella, the founder of LondonCryo, the first whole body cryotherapy center in the City of London.   The whole interview can be found here.

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LondonCryo December Newspaper

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* It’s December and we’ve got news for you! The countdown for Christmas has started and everyone is getting ready for the coolest season. Unlike LondonCryo, we like to be cool for 3 minutes a day 365 days a year...

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LondonCryo November Newsletter

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* EVENTS This wintery season coming up was also the theme for the Nivea event that was held in October at LondonCryo to launch their new Nivea Body Essential Deep Moisture Serum. Guests were able to experience the winter...

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