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How Cool do you want to be?

We have created packages to help maximize your results. The packages listed are for general
recommendation. We would also work with you to find the best plan to suit your specific

LondonCryo Starter Pack
  • Are you still new to Cryotherapy? Why not sign up for our 14 day starter pack. We recommend clients do an initial 6 sessions during this period to allow the body to actively adjust and realise new habits. Clients with injuries often start here.
Beauty/Recover Pack (4 sessions)
  • WBC helps with the production of collagen. We recommend 4 sessions over a period of 30 days. This is also for clients who want a quick relief from workouts, races, jet lag, hang over, the holidays, etc.
Sports ‘Recovery’ Pack (8 sessions)
  • Training for an event ie: a half marathon, cycle London, tough mudder? We at LondonCryo know that recovery is key! So are you using the right tools for it to recover? With our cutting edge technology you can blast that body that has been training so intensely with cold of -140c for 3 minutes.

    Coming in within 24 hours after a hard training session your body will benefit from whole body cryotherapy. We suggest 2-3 sessions a week depending on how much training you are doing/leading up to an event. We are happy to tailor this for you when you come in.

Insomnia Pack (12 sessions)
  • Suffering from Chronic Pain? As you may know, WBC was invented by a Japanese doctor in 1978 for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    This package is also suited to those with a half marathon coming up. As the training builds up in 3/4 months before the event regular sessions are known to help our clients train harder and recover faster.

Artic (unlimited)
  • 12 month membership with a minimum 3 month term

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