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Christmas is coming

Christmas is almost here and at LondonCryo we have a special Ultimate Party Season Package to lead you in to the season!

Whether you're looking for the perfect pre-party season package, or if you want to to give the gift of a cryo pampering package to that someone special, we are ready to help! 

We're offering a special package including:

·     Whole Body Cryo
·     CryoSkin 3.0 facial 
·     Lymphatic Drainage

All for just £299!

We start with our signature treatment Whole Body Cryotherapy, 3 minutes at -130c. This will leave you feeling energised and boost those serotonin levels to make sure you are feeling great.

This is followed by our CryoSkin 3.0 facial. The application of cold directly on the face will help to stimulate and contract muscle fibers, increasing collagen and decreasing inflammation. It will leave your skin looking fresh, tightened and lifted.

Afterwards, while feeling refreshed and your lymph nodes awakened by the whole body cryotherapy, you will enjoy a 60 min lymphatic drainage massage. The combination of cryotherapy and drainage massage will keep your immune system working properly. This treatment reduces water retention and boosts weight loss through an improvement in your metabolic rate which helps you burn calories more efficiently.

To book

Download the MindBody app on the App Store or Google Play then use the link below or find the offer in "Intro Offers".

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Introducing: X°CryoTM

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer the new X°CryoTM by Cryotech Nordic (CTN).

This is a localised cryotherapy device that uses cold. Due to the unique design of the applicators, almost any part of the body can be treated and it's perfect for areas like knees, ankles, wrists, necks and even faces!

X°CryoTM provides numerous health benefits including reducing swelling and inflammation, accelerating recovery from injury, relieving chronic pain and even providing beauty benefits through an increase in collagen - meaning smoother, younger-looking skin.

We can also offer specialist LED light therapy facials with a range of colours to treat different conditions ranging from sensitive skin to acne to fine lines and wrinkles. 

We can't wait for you to try it out!

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Tim Biohacker & Siim Land
Founder of The Health Optimisation Summer and @biohackerlondon and the CEO of @Hyperbaricoxygentheraoyuk Tim Biohacker visited this month for his first ever cryotherapy session. Cryotherapy is the ultimate in bio-hacking. Based on science and providing a systems-thinking approach to wellness. Writer, public speaker and fellow biohacker Siim Land also joined us for 3 minutes of fun at -130C.


Tony Wrighton 
SkySports Presenter, Wellness guru and blogger Tony Wrighton came to visit us at LondonCryo last month. He has featured us on his blog and podcast, Zestology.
Tony comments, "I was feeling quite low energy, and it was quite surprising the 3-minute cryo session picked me up...". Find out more about what he thought about his visit and hear from our founder Maria about why cryotherapy works and is so good for you.

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Giacomo Farci
Looking for an amazing personal trainer? We're delighted to recommend Giacomo Farci whose approach to personal training is influenced by his background as a fighter an understanding of the human body gained from a Sport Science Degree. He's based at The Vault in Shoreditch. Also check out his profile on IMDB. He has helped many actors get ready for their movie roles and is getting the credit he deserves.


A huge congratulations to LondonCryo Brand Ambasassdor David Atkin who competed in the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia last month in Powerlifting, Indoor Rowing, Discus, 100m & 200m. Also to cricketer Tom Curran who has travelled to Sri Lanka as part of the Cricket England team. We're very proud to have such brilliant sportspeople as part of the LondonCryo family. Why not join them and experience cryotherapy?