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If the post-workout recovery of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Olympian Mo Farrah are anything to go by, chilling out after a hard session at the gym just took on a whole new meaning. We are talking, of course, about cryotherapy, the new health craze that champions exposure to extreme cold for short periods to treat and prevent muscle soreness, boost skin collagen and even burn calories.

Originally developed in Japan, cryotherapy treatments have been growing in popularity in Europe and the United States for the last decade, and makes its way to the City in the form of LondonCryo, the Square Mile’s first full-body cryotherapy facility.



Are you looking to raise the performance of your workforce and lower incidences of sick days?
At LondonCryo we are delivering physical and mental wellness in just three minutes with Cryotherapy!
Our experience suggests they will perform better at work through reduced stressed, better sleep, an endorphin rush and for those who partake in physical
training a more rapid recovery.  
we are in the process of setting up exclusive discount packages with a limited number of businesses that prioritise the performance and wellbeing of their employees by considering
making Whole Body Cryotherapy part of their regime.
Contact us to apply corporate discount:

Half Marathon Pack £450
Looking to run the RPFH on the 8th of October 2017?
Then why not sign up for our "Half Marathon Pack."
This offer includes two sessions per week (£45 per session) until the 8th of October 2017, which are a total of 10 sessions.
For more information you can contact LondonCryo or download the App (LondonCryo).

T&C's apply - 5 week limit
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Are you still new to Cryotherapy?

We are still running our two weeks of unlimited sessions.
A total of ten sessions (max. one session a day) at the special price of £299 (saving over £120).

t&c's apply
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Why not make Cryo your next team building activity?
Team building is essential if you want to build better relationships in your company. Come down to LondonCryo for a team experience with your colleagues that will blow your mind!

Contact us on or put us in contact with your HR department to get a special rate on your single sessions and many other offers.

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20 Artillery Lane
London E1 7LS
Phone: 0207 247 6230
Monday to Friday
 8.30am to 6:00pm

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