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About Us



A native of Melbourne, Australia, Maria is a dedicated career woman, mother of two as well as a health and fitness enthusiast.

While trying to keep up her six-day a week training habit, she noticed she wasn’t recovering as quickly and was more susceptible to injury as she waved her thirties goodbye…

While visiting New York City, Maria gave whole body cryotherapy a try, and found that she felt pretty good, fantastic even. The reasons behind this, is that in addition to the physical benefits of injury prevention and even encouraging healing, cryotherapy releases endorphins — the feel-good hormones — making you feel clear-headed and happy.

Maria then tried cryotherapy again in Sydney and Melbourne. Upon returning home to London she noticed a lack of opportunity to continue with the treatment. Fascinated by the physical and mental uplift behind it, and wanting to be able to add to her life, as well as give others the chance to benefit from cryotherapy, Maria decided to quit her job as an accountant and make whole body cryotherapy accessible to Londoners, thus the birth of LondonCryo, the first whole body cryotherapy centre in the City of London.