Golden Grind Turmeric Capsules

Golden Grind Turmeric Capsules


Suffering from aches and pains? Arthritis? Post workout? Or maybe your menstrual cycle is more painful than it needs to be? Want the best turmeric curcumin capsules you can get? You need Golden Grind's TURMERIC AND BLACK PEPPER CAPSULES.

These are the perfect turmeric pills or turmeric supplements. Golden Grinds vegetable shell turmeric and black pepper capsules are scientifically formulated, tested and proven and made in Australia to help with INFLAMMATION, OXIDATION, ACHES, PAINS AND MUCH MORE!!

High dose curcumin, strongest turmeric these are winning anti-inflammatory capsules. Perfect for on the run, quick and easy, strong dose of quality turmeric that will work wonders for your insides and even provide relief for menstrual and period pains.

60 Capsules

Ingredients: turmeric 150mg + black pepper 10mg

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