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Chronic pain is defined by ongoing issues.

Many people with ongoing back pain have Psycho-social issues in the background which is affecting their emotional state and thus stimulating pain response. This can be:

  • stress at work or at home
  • chronic fatigue
  • poor sleeping patterns

All of these and many more affect the brains output which over sensitized our musculo-skeletal system. By identifying, associating, and then managing these areas we are able to make significant inroads into chronic pain. We prefer and “hands-less’ very often ‘hands-off” approach in order to facilitate your own self-efficacy – get yourself out of trouble rather than relying on an external influence.

“Often these injuries have no discernible mechanical cause for the pain. Pain is the response to an emotional trauma or perceived threat”

We don’t advocate being treated with multiple sessions of acupuncture, joint manipulation, deep tissue massage and other physical modalities to relieve chronic pain. We believe in self efficacy – you can look after yourself. We empower you to take charge and be in control of your state.


People often live in fear of a diagnosis or advice they have been given and thus start to avoid the things which will actually make them better. It is not an easy on/off switch situation. Education, motivation and guidance are our tools. We are firm believers in exercise and getting people doing the things they love again – that is  the way to change the brains behaviour and break the cycle of chronic pain.

“Had an ongoing issue with an old sports injury or a more recent one that just won’t clear up?

Have you had the correct diagnosis?”

Chronic injury

“Have you been managing your injury appropriately with current best practice?”

We aim to assess, understand the issues surrounding your injury, provide guidance based on up to date research, educate and motivate you to assist your recovery and reach your goals.

Long standing injuries like knee pain, tennis elbow, that painful shoulder, that tight hamstring… all injuries which can be managed and improved with the right rehab process but it all starts with the assessment and your story.

“Unsure of how to progress?

Scared of doing things because of your injury?”

Injury Prevention Presentations

Education and good advice to help those working in the office to prevent back and neck pain.