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LondonCryo Experience

A typical whole body cryotherapy treatment at LondonCryo takes about 10 minutes in total.
What to expect from your LondonCryo treatment:



You’ll be greeted by one of our LondonCryo specialists, who, in addition to answering any of your questions, will take down all your basic health information so everything is on file for you. This may also be done prior to your appointment in order to speed up the already quick process.


In your private change room you’ll change into a LondonCryo robe and thermal socks and gloves.

Start of session

Once changed, you’ll enter into the LondonCryo CryoCabin, with your head above and outside the CryoCabin. Your specialist will start the CryoCabin and accompany you throughout the entire session. The CryoCabin is not locked and can easily be opened by either you or the specialist.

Inside the LondonCryo cabin

The LondonCryo CryoCabin emits a nitrogen mist and is cooled to the temperature of  -140 Celsius, creating a consistent, ambient temperature during the two-half to three minute treatment.


After the session ends, you’ll change back into your clothes and head off to your day feeling the lasting benefits of your LondonCryo experience.

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Inside the CryoCabin

  • The CryoCabin is open at the top so your head stays outside the machine.
  • Typically start with a two-minute session and build up to the maximum of three as you become acclimatised.
  • The CryoCabin is never locked and can be easily pushed open by the client or Cryo Tech.
  • Cryo Tech stays with the client for the entire time.