We are excited to bring IV drips and vitamin shots to our City of London clinic.

Looking for a fast health-boost, look no further!


What is it?

IV drip therapy involves a powerful mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants being delivered directly into your bloodstream.

You are able to select a specific treatment and mix of vitamins, with guidance from our expert team. During the process you'll feel relaxed and calm and the treatment lasts up to one hour. 

Vitamin shots allow specific vitamins to be injected directly into the body for fast absorption and a quick health hit.


Myers Cocktail

The Myers Cocktail contains high concentrations of valuable nutrients and vitamins to help boost the immune system, restore energy levels and promote a healthy body.

The unique formula has been used as a complementary therapy for over 30 years, providing nutritional support to address deficiencies and enhance general health and wellness. The combination of vitamin C, B vitamins, folic acid and magnesium chloride are delivered through intravenous directly to the body’s cells, being absorbed much faster and more efficiently than oral supplements.

The Myers Cocktail is the ultimate nutritional mix to rejuvenate the body and boost energy levels.

What does it do?

At LondonCryo we offer a variety of IV drip treatments all of which boost levels of vitamins and minerals, contributing to the normal function of the body.

We offer shots of vitamin B12, vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin D.

Different vitamin mixes treat the body in different ways, whether it's for energy boost, anti-ageing, detox, deeper sleep or athletic performance - we are sure to have the treatment for you.


MitoGive Glutathione IV

One of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, MitoGive Glutathione helps reverse oxidative stress damage caused by the ageing process and environmental pollution, boosts the immune system and helps detoxify the body. Additionally, it’s an effective anti-ageing and skin rejuvenating treatment on a cellular and aesthetic level.

MitoGive Glutathione plays an important role in many body processes including tissue building and repair, strengthening the immune system and producing vital chemicals and proteins required by the body.

Although our bodies produce small amounts of Glutathione naturally and we can derive from food sources, we require endless supplies to maintain optimum functionality. The MitoGive Glutathione IV is delivered directly to the body’s cells being absorbed much faster and more efficiently than oral supplements to achieve optimum health benefits.


Book a treatment

Let us help you to feel better. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you’d like any further information, we’re happy to help. Online booking is not currently available for this service, please call us on 0207 247 6230 or email info@londoncryo.com for prices and booking.