What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a fast and healthy process that accelerates the body’s natural recovery while improving overall wellbeing and energising the body. Cryotherapy is a dry, noninvasive, process that lowers a person’s skin temperature to 5ºC during a session of up to 180 seconds. Whilst inside the CryoCabin™, the body is enveloped by mist pulsating at a temperature of -140ºC.


Is this the same as an ice bath?

WBC is a more advanced, efficient form of ice therapy: ice baths can last up to 20 minutes, are painful and damaging to the skin. Ice baths involve actual tissue-freezing that can cause stiffness and immobility. In contrast, WBC lasts only 3 minutes, its not painful and does not freeze tissue. In fact, after a WBC session, mobility is improved, along with reduced inflammation and pain. Cryotherapy tricks the brain into thinking it is hypothermic, which triggers its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and metabolic benefits.

Should I have this before or after excercise?

Either! Cryotherapy before exercise or a race/event will heighten both your physical and mental performance by improving blood flow and oxygenation, boosting the metabolic rate and activating adrenaline and endorphin release. You will have more energy, stamina and less pain.

Cryotherapy after athletic exertion will speed muscle healing, cell renewal and recovery while reducing inflammation and pain. Ideally, you should utilise cryotherapy both before and after important athletic events.

Some experts recommend engaging in 5 minutes of light exercise post-cryotherapy treatment. This will stabilise your body’s temperature as well as promote vasodilatation (expansion of the body’s blood vessels). Movement will induce more rapid vasodilatation of the vessels and capillaries and can extend the period of analgesia as well as feelings of well-being.

Is this a proven recovery session?

Yes. Cryotherapy has been around for decades and used in Europe and Asia for almost thirty years. In fact, over the past seven years, more than two million sessions have been completed in Europe using CryoCabins.

Can cryotherapy speed up recovery?

Absolutely. Depending on the severity of your injury, recovery times will vary, but most assuredly will be improved. We welcome the opportunity to assist and document your case.

I’m pregnant, can I have whole body cryotherapy?

Congratulations! However, you shouldn’t use whole body cryotherapy while pregnant so please get in touch after the baby is born. 

What should I wear?

Men: Dry socks, slippers, gloves (provided by LondonCryo) and your briefs/shorts.
Women: Dry socks, slippers, gloves (provided by LondonCryo) and your undergarments or bathing suit. Don’t worry because one of our certified operators will ensure you are wearing proper attire.


How safe is whole body cryotherapy?

You will have the safest experience possible at LondonCryo. We’ve taken great measures implementing advanced technology for client safety. In fact, no other equipment on the planet is as safe! Our CryoCabins have multiple safety features. A session can be terminated by you, by the LondonCryo certified operator and even automatically. Designed by our brilliant engineers, an ultrasonic sensor will trigger an immediate stop and open the cabin door automatically releasing all the vapour from within the cabin should your head go below the top rim even for just a few seconds. For additional safety, protective gloves, socks, undergarments, and slippers are worn to protect sensitive areas. During a session, your head remains above the top rim of the cabin to allow constant communication with the certified operator.

How often should I have whole body cryotherapy?

We recommend eight sessions during the first two weeks to allow the body to adjust and realise new habits; thereafter an effective regiment would be 3 sessions a week. No more than twice a day if you are in heavy training or rehab. A regiment of two or three times a week is generally adequate for most.

Will I feel claustrophobic in the Cryocabin?

You shouldn’t. We elevate your body by raising the floor to ensure your head is above the rim of the CryoCabin. Furthermore, the door is never locked. If needed, you can always push open the door and step out of the CryoCabin. A LondonCryo certified operator would always be present.

I’m still in school can I have cryotherapy?

Yes, with parental consent. If you are under the age of 18 years, your parent or guardian must come with you! And, no, you can’t bring a note.

Can I wear metal or jewellery?

No. All objects must be removed including watches, rings etc. Your changing room is locked while you are having treatment.


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