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Equipment Sales

LondonCryo is the official distributor of CRYOCABIN™

CRYOCABIN™ is a state of the art way of improving health of the entire body and mind. Cryotherapy corrects physiological processes while restoring natural balance within the body and also stimulates your metabolism. Cryotherapy is currently used across the world for a number of reasons including recovery, weight loss and pain management to name a few.

The treatment involves short bursts of contact with the skin by exposing it to temperatures of -120c to -150c for 2-3 minute sessions. The results following a session can be seen anytime from 5-10 minutes post treatment.




























In addition to the cabin purchase LondonCryo offers a wide variety of support service packages which include:

  • Company formation
  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiations
  • Build out design and inventory
  • Cryotherapy machine purchase
  • Nitrogen Storage, set up and installation
  • Comprehensive training
  • Employee development
  • Compilation of cryotherapy research and data
  • Trademarked treatment protocols and programs
  • Business Support
  • Marketing training
  • Administration training
  • Certification on Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments
  • Initial local public relations
  • Support with formation and launch of social media sites
  • Access to all proprietary manuals:- operations, human resources, safety, daily procedures
  • Assigned onboarding specialist


Finance available for all option (T&c’s apply)

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You can find all the information about setting up a cryotherapy service in our brochure.


LondonCryo is also the official distributor for animal care cryotherapy units VET°CRYO™ & EQ°CRYO™.

You can find additional information about VetCryo and EQCryo here.